Secret Santa!

We have adopted these families for Christmas!  If you would like to purchase and send a gift, please email [email protected] with which item you have purchased and our address.  Please note we will not take items off the list until we receive the package.  You may also "purchase" a gift by using our donation button on the right.  Check out the "LJHH Adopted Families" tab for more information about our families.

Peeples Family

 Haley, 5
 Michelle, 12
 Cody, 16
 Rachel, mom
 Michael, dad
Wears 5t shirts
Wears small shirt in woman's or 14 girls
Wears small men's in shirts
  Wears large shirts
Wears large mens shirts
5t pants
8 Shoe size (loves toms/bobs)
30/31 pant size
  12 pant size
  32/32 pant size
 !0 1/2 Shoe Size
American Doll (or similar) that looks like her and clothes
 9 Shoe Size
Georgia Boots
  8 1/2 Shoe Size
  10 1/2 Shoe Size
Zebra Print bed spread (Full) 
Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox 360)
King size sheets (light green and browns)
Anything Princess
Dora the Explorer
Mickey and Minnie
Yo Gabba Gabba
Anything Zebra print
Wooden Baseball Bat
Jewelry (gold)
Georgia Bulldogs

Edwards Family

When asked what the boys wanted for Christmas, they responded with what most teenagers would ask for, a Playstation 4!  This would be a great gift for the whole family, giving mom a break.  While this may not be possible this year for LJHH, we would like to at least be able to get them some gift cards for new clothes.  Our goal is also to raise $1,000 to fix Kendal's car from being hit by an uninsured drunk driver.  Or find someone in the Kansas City area that would be willing to provide their services. With a car, Kendal would be able to go to his new job and college program.  He would also be able to take himself to many doctors appointments his mom has to miss work for.  

Please email [email protected] or call (913) 839-3831, if you are willing to help with Kendal's car.  The entire family needs new clothing.  And mom could use some "me" time at the spa.



Fundraiser Garage Sale! 9/21/2013

We are accepting donations for LJ's Helping Hand garage sale.  Our goal is to surprise a family in need who needs our help!

Please email us if you'd like to donate!  [email protected] or click our "Contact Us" button.

We will announce details closer to date.  Please check our calendar for updates or 'Like' us on Facebook.