Meet our adopted Families!

Bell Family

  • Jackson with his birthday present and our gift to his family.
    Jackson with his birthday present and our gift to his family.

Jackson, 7 and the oldest of four, has a rare disease where almost all foods attack his body. It's called Eosinophoilic Esophagitis, Eosinophoilic Entercolitis, and Eosinopholic Gastrointeritis. He also has sensory processing disorder, asthma, and hand tremors. He is 90% g tube feed. Everything he eats must be organic. He also takes a medication that isn't covered by insurance.

Madison is 4.  She has Celiac disease and cant have any milk, eggs, nuts, gluten or wheat and soy. She drinks coconut milk and loves her gluten free Vans waffles and her Ians chicken nuggets.
Gracie, 3,  has Sensory processing disorder and also cant have any dairy, eggs, or nuts, or soy. She complains of stomach pain but hasn't been diagnosed yet.  
Mackenzie, 19 months, possibly has the same thing as Jackson. She is on elemental formula called Neo cate infant. 

All of the children HAVE to eat organic. They are a 1 income family, with Mr. Bell being in the military. Mrs. Bell can't work due to the constant medical needs with Jackson.  There are always doctors appointments, therapies and specialists to see.  Gas alone can cost them $400 a month.  A grocery trip for organic food and supplements can easily run over $400.  Mr and Mrs Bell have gone without meals to make sure their children are provided for. 

From Mrs. Bell,

"I have called companies and begged for coupons and wrote our story, I have even called Whole foods and Sprouts to see if I can get some kind of discount to help our family but im always told no. Ians chicken nuggets did tell me that if I mail in 15 upc codes that they will mail me out 1 free box coupon, so I continue to collect my upc codes to help." 

Here is the link to our Jackson's page. Check out the "About" page for a summary of their journey.

Peeples Family

  • Peeples Family
    Peeples Family
  • Haley
Peeples Family
Peeples Family

Michael and Rachael are proud parents to Cody, 16, Michelle 12, and Haley 5.  Rachael is a "stay at home" mom while Michael, a Georgia Bulldogs/Steeler fan, works full time.

Cody likes video games and loves to play baseball.  His sweet sister, Michelle, loves to dance   Both are huge helpers to mom and dad as they make their way through their journey with Haley.

Haley has right temporal lobe seizures with a tumor at same location, nine inches deep near the neck.  Her low muscle tone is presumed to be due to her chromosome duplication of chromosome 16.  She's also been diagnosed with apraxia (speech disorder), dyspraxia (low gross motor skills), and sensory processing and integration disorder.  Her family recently had good news about the tumor not needing radiation.  However, she will still need brain surgery for her the severity of her epilepsy.  

Needless to say, Haley has a ton of appointments to attend.  Money is tight, but Rachael (mom) is amazing at budgeting.  This family of 5 gets by on $60 a week for groceries.  Haley has finally been approved to get on Medicaid, but now it's a "catch up" game.  Added to the stress of Haley's upcoming surgery, the dryer and dishwasher have stopped working, and they have to replace the carpet in their house with laminate flooring per the doctor due to allergens.

Regardless of their struggles, this Georgia family has put their faith in God.  It would be LJHH's honor to help carry some of the weight on their shoulders.

Edwards Family

Komesha Edwards is a mother of two children, one of whom has sickle cell anemia,and pulmonary hypertension (Kendal).
Here's a letter from Komesha,
I had Kendal when I was 14 years old and have been through a lot.  Kendal had his first crisis at 6 weeks old.  By the time he was 2 years old, he had to have his spleen removed because of this disease.  At 14 years old, I had no idea what i was getting myself into. 
From age 2-16, Kendal was in the hospital every 3-5 weeks; he has spent every birthday, both his and mine, and most Christmases and other special days, admitted at KU Medical Center, for days sometimes almost two weeks.
Kendal suffers and requires a lot of care.  He takes about 12 different medications, including chemo therapy agent drugs as well as narcotic pain meds, but during all of this iIhad another son, lil Mike.  
Lil Mikes has a mental illness and is in a lot of trouble at school.  His dad stays at home and tries to raise lil Mike  
while I work and try to provide for our family and take care of Kendal.
After 8 years I lost my job where I had FMLA for my Kendal's illness which helped me keep a income.  It was hard to keep a job because Kendal is so sick and lil Mike is always in some kind of trouble or reaching out for my attention.  It has been hard to keep things paid and together.  I have a job now but I am now sick with high blood pressure and some other health issues so i am having to take care of my sick child who was just placed on oxygen because of the pulmonary hypertension and try and take care of myself and my home and show lil mike that i love him just as much. 
Three weeks ago Kendal had a car accident where someone hit him  and it cost 1000.00 to fix.  He is trying to get his high school diploma since he was in the hospital most of his senior year and was not able to graduate.  But now he can not make it to school,and he is too sick right now to work even though he wants to.
Its hard to say to my children that I can not afford something, but the truth is because i have not been able to go to work a full two weeks in 3 months my lights are about to be shut off.  I cannot pay my rent or even buy food so when they ask for shoes or for me to get the car fixed it almost make me crazy. 
Kendal was accepted into this program called Gateway to college.  He is trying to have as normal of a life as possible he, but even today he is not feeling well and I am recovering from pancreatitis believed to be caused from me being diabetic. I have to go to work also because we want eat if i do not
.Even though my story is sad i know who God is and trough him all things are possible, so I know we will be okay.